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independent data lab

the largest collective of bioinformatics consultants in Europe

About Us

Independent Data Lab (IDL) comprises an expert panel of bioinformatics consultants, providing bioinformatics services across countries, industries and fields of molecular biology and medicine.


Our range of services spans the following domains. Further details about our areas of expertise can be found here.


Would your team benefit from bioinformatics consulting to optimise your computational workflows or experimental design? We can provide strategic guidance and practical solutions to address your unique challenges. Our expertise will empower you to make informed decisions and accelerate your bioinformatics projects. 


Perhaps you or a member of your team would benefit from mentoring by one of our bioinformatics consultants? For a fixed price, we can pair you with an expert in your domain to provide weekly guidance on best practice for designing your experiments / data analysis or any other aspects of your project where mentoring would be beneficial for driving your project towards successful completion.

Data Analysis

If your team lacks bioinformatics expertise to analyse your data, we can provide you with a bioinformatics consultant with expertise in your domain to get the analysis done quickly and to high-standard. From preprocessing and quality control to advanced statistical analysis and data visualization, we can provide end-to-end solutions to drive meaningful discoveries. 

Interested in working with us?

Introductory call: We begin with a no-obligation chat to grasp your project's scope, the scientific question and the desired outcome. The time and cost estimates will be provided in a written quote.

Project kick-off: Once our proposal is accepted and paperwork completed, our expert is given access to your data. Analysis can either be performed on our cloud infrastructure or (where available) remotely on your computational resources. A bespoke roadmap for performing the analysis is designed and communicated with you.

First Milestones: Our bioinformatician performs the analysis, providing regular updates on progress. Once completed, the results are presented, discussed and interpreted. Based on these discussions, changes may be made to the analysis workflow and subsequent results further discussed.

Wrapping-up: Upon completion of the agreed milestones, all results and scripts will be shared with you as well as any other documents requested in the project outline e.g. methods write-up, reports, figures. 

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